We’re Going Places

We’re Going Places

Love From USA Expands Across the United States. With two new innovative retail concepts opening in 2024, an additional region in San Francisco International Airport in Love From USA’s portfolio, and award-winning concepts, Love From USA is unmistakably going places.  

Take a deeper dive into Love From USA’s five regions across the United States: Chicago, San Francisco, Colorado, Orlando, and Minnesota.  


Giving back to the community is at the heart of Love From USA, whose mission is to provide local community outreach and mentorship initiatives throughout their U.S. locations, and to capture lasting memories that are reflective of the local culture and lifestyle of the areas they operate.  

Love From USA’s latest business concept, Love From Felicity at O'Hare, will launch fall 2024 at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Love From Felicity is a collaborative effort between Love From USA and The Felicity School. This innovative kiosk combines convenience for travelers with a socially responsible mission, supporting the development and empowerment of students from The Felicity School.   

The Felicity School is a private therapeutic day school committed to the fundamental belief that all students can achieve greatness and success in settings that accentuate their skills. Felicity School is a non-traditional school environment with open and flexible spaces that alleviates negative feelings students may associate with a more traditional school setting. Through integrated vocational programs, experiential learning, individualized programming, technology, mentoring, and individual and group counseling, students are provided with the resources to develop a sense of self-worth, accept responsibility, and become equipped to make healthy life choices.   

Love From USA is proud to be working in partnership with Felicity School, and will provide Felicity students with part time work, training and support to assist them in gaining employment post-graduation. In this partnership, Felicity students oversee formulating menus and packaging the food, and Love From USA operates the kiosk at O’Hare International Airport. Love From USA will donate a portion of proceeds back to Felicity School to support their mission and work.  

San Francisco 

With the addition of The Bay Collection to the Harvey Milk Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport, Love From USA’s portfolio now extends from East Coast to West Coast in the United States. The Bay Collection is a museum-like retail concept that invites customers to shop artfully, historically, creatively, and culturally. The Bay Collection’s eye-catching design strategically places displays that will immerse visitors in a visual journey through the museums of San Francisco. This new concept will also highlight the diverse heritage, history, architecture, culture, innovation, and modern design that defines this iconic, world-class city!    

Love From USA is proud to partner with museums in San Francisco and promote their programming and initiatives, while also donating a portion of proceeds to these museums to support their mission. We’re excited to release these official museum partners closer to the launch of The Bay Collection. 


Love From USA proudly has four retail concepts in Denver International Airport. One of those concepts is the iconic This SOCKS! & Co brand, which features in three of Love From USA’s five regional markets.  

At Denver International Airport, This SOCKS! & Co. is a brand that reflects the spirit of Colorado, celebrating everything that makes each shopper unique. This SOCKS! & Co. was created with one vision in mind: to turn an everyday accessory into an item that is designed colorfully and spreads happiness. In reaching this vision, we aspire to maintain a standard of ultimate quality and creativity... by expressing yourself with socks and loungewear. This SOCKS! And Co. features leggings, slippers, sleepwear, activewear, travel blankets, pillows and the greatest variety of novelty socks the traveling public could ever want! 

Bright, colorful and bold, This SOCKS! & Co. is a store that welcomes guests into an energetic and fun atmosphere where travelers feel encouraged to express themselves. An expressive brand at heart, This SOCKS! & Co. offers a refreshing shopping experience with eclectic finds that travelers of all ages and cultures will enjoy. This SOCKS! & Co. goes beyond the ordinary, offering exclusive socks and other items that blend regional influences with contemporary design. Next time you visit Denver International Airport, Chicago’s Navy Pier, or Orlando International Airport, visit This SOCKS & Co.  


Celebrating local vendors in regions the company operates is foundational to Love From USA’s portfolio of brands and 19+ retail locations. Patricia Chinander and her team build out locally-inspired concepts that positively impact the communities they serve -- from customers to local vendors and small business partners to venue relationships. It’s a win-win-win opportunity; customers receive high-quality, locally made and inspired pieces, local vendors receive a platform to sell their goods, and partner venues are supporting a woman-owned, family- owned, and ACDBE-certified business. The Neighborhood is one of the brands which truly embodies this desire to impact the local community in which it operates.  


Minnesota is home to six retail locations as well as Love From USA’s corporate office and the company’s largest warehouse. The first brand within the Love From USA portfolio was developed and located in Minnesota. Love From USA is proud to have four store locations in the Mall of America: Love From Minnesota, I Heart Minnesota, Minnesot-ah! and UBetcha!. This iconic venue hosts 40 million annual visitors eager to shop and bring a memory of Minnesota back home with them. 

In March 2024, Patricia Chinander successfully rebranded one of Love From USA's Mall of America concepts to UBetcha! This brand provides locally made and inspired apparel, drinkware, and gifts featuring Minnesota slang like Ope, You Betcha, and Uff Da!. This rebranded retail concept proudly supports local artists like Cindy Lindgren and Adam Turman. To strategically execute UBetcha!’s rebrand, Patricia Chinander advocated for a multi-departmental approach to ensure all aspects were updated from store branding to product mix to in-store merchandising.  

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