Love From USA is Taking Off

Love From USA is Taking Off

Love From USA Group is excited to expand our portfolio to San Francisco International Airport late 2024! Our museum-like retail experience, The Bay Collection, invites customers to shop artfully, shop historically, shop creatively, and to shop culturally. The Bay Collection’s eye-catching design strategically places displays that will immerse visitors in a visual journey through the museums of San Francisco. The Bay Collection will also highlight the diverse heritage, history, architecture, culture, innovation, and modern design that defines this iconic, world-class city!  

This newest concept will join Love From USA’s portfolio of brands which includes 19+ retail stores located in airports and high-profile venues across the United States, such as Denver International Airport, O’Hare International Airport, and Orlando International Airport. Founder and CEO, Patricia Chinander’s, retail strategy integrates local and contemporary products, while developing exclusive brands. To stay informed on Love From USA’s exclusive brands, follow our LinkedIn page. 

As an established ACDBE, woman-owned, family-run business, Chinander, understands the importance of a successful partnership as a growth strategy. In 2023, Love From USA launched three new concepts in partnership with Mission Yogurt at Denver International Airport. Chinander shared, “This partnership is a force, and we are so happy to be partnering with Mission Yogurt in this endeavour. Both teams bring different strengths that complement each other well, and because of that, we look forward to bringing another extraordinary retail experience to the travelers at Denver Airport.” Visit the Moodie Davitt Report to learn more about this successful ACDBE partnership.  

Chinander’s vision, leadership, and company success does not go unnoticed; Love From USA is an award-winning, SBEC company with a successful track record in airports and excellence in operations. Recent accolades include the 2024 Airport Experience News Outstanding Woman in Leadership and ACDBE Operator Finalist, 2023 Minnesota Retailers Association Mentor of the Year Award Recipient, and 2023 Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business Award Honoree.  

Interested in a future concept? Contact us! The Business Development team would love to connect about upcoming partnership opportunities.  

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