Founder | CEO | President | Owner | Designer

Patricia Chinander is 100% Founder, CEO, President, Owner, and Designer of Love From USA Group, Inc. Over the past 45+ years, Patricia has grown her business, which started as a kiosk, into a family-run/small business with over 19 brick and mortar locations across the United States. With family members being involved in all aspects of the business; from Design and Operations to Human Resources and Marketing, Patricia's family looks forward to growing the business and propelling it into the next 45+ years.

Over the past 45+ years, Patricia has grown her company and prides herself in developing her own exclusive brands and concepts that truly are unique for each market the business expands into. Patricia remains involved in the design process - from product and concept design to branding and visual merchandising.

With a heavy focus on giving back to the community through engagement, initiatives, and partnerships. Patricia maintains a close relationship with our partner organizations like National Alliance on Mental Illness, Animal Humane Society, Rocky Mountain Conservancy, American Cancer Society, and Minneapolis/St. Paul Public Schools - just to name a few.

In addition to giving back, Patricia supports local artists and businesses within all markets. She is committed to growing her business with the times while allowing time in her schedule to support/mentor others in growing their own businesses.

Love From USA Group is an award-winning, SBEC company with a successful track record n airports and excellence in operations. Offering more than 20 years of direct airport travel retail experience, the company is also the recipient of a long list of awards. Recent highlights received include:

  • 2023 Minnesota Retailers Association Mentor of the Year Award Recipient
  • 2023 Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journals Women in Business Award Honoree
  • 2023 Airport Minority Advisory Council Advocate of the Year Nominee
  • 2023 Airport Minority Advisory Council Small Business Partner Nominee
  • 2023 Airport Minority Advisory Council Local Small Business Champion Nominee
  • 2023 Chain Store Age Top Retail Woman(Store Development/Facilities Management) Award Nominee