We LOVE Our Year

We LOVE Our Year

Grateful is an understatement. At Love From USA, we are incredibly grateful for the year we had in 2023. We experienced growth among our portfolio of stores and team, and this growth did not go unnoticed. In 2023, Love From USA opened seven new retail locations, hired 36 new full-time employees, and won 2 awards for its excellence in business.  

In partnership with Mission Yogurt, Love From USA opened three travel, news, and convenience concepts: Black Canyon Market and Goods, Longs Peak Market and Goods, and High Dune Market and Goods. These concepts featured in Denver International Airport are revolutionizing the airport retail landscape. The ingenuity of these concepts was featured in notable publications like TRBusiness, where Love From USA Founder and CEO, Patricia Chinander, shared her approach to the hybrid retail – food and beverage model. “It’s all about the customer, the locale, and the needs of the clients in the airports where you start your concepts. Then add the spice, the trend, the innovative and experiential approach to make it different.” Interested in Love From USA’s other innovative concepts? Visit our Store Locations page.  

With the expansion of the Love From USA portfolio, comes the expansion of the talent Love From USA utilizes. Maintaining and growing the team is crucial to business success, and in 2023, Love From USA hired 36 full-time employees. In total, Love From USA employs over 120+ talented employees within the following in-house departments: Business Development, Buying, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Operations, Training, Visual Merchandising, e-Commerce, and Warehouse. Together, these departments work together to build, execute, and maintain our unique portfolio of concepts.  

The success of these departments and Love From USA can be greatly attributed to founder and CEO, Patricia Chinander. Chinander is a born creative with a vision on how to improve the travel and tourism retail space. Her leadership style provides thought-provoking and unique industry insights, propelling the Love From USA team to think of innovative solutions. Chinander is an entrepreneur who doesn’t sit on the sidelines: she is an active leader who remains involved in many avenues of the business. She has successfully adapted her overarching company strategy to prioritize bringing her concepts to the airports across the United States. This new strategy is securing long-term sustainability and creating a repeatable business, allowing her to expand the Love From brand identity market-to-market. Because of Chinander’s approach and business acumen, in 2023, she secured two awards: Minneapolis/St. Paul Women in Business, and Minnesota Retailer’s Association Retail Mentor of the Year.  

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Love From USA is taking off, and we are so proud of the success we had in 2023, and are eager to further this success in 2024.  

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